We’ve introduced a new system to showcase the top broadcasters.

Smokin' HOT!

We’re putting the power in the users hands to tell us who’s hot. Show the love to your favorite broadcasters with thumbs and coins – and we’ll show you who’s on fire!

Look for the orange users and the smokin’ hot fire badge!


Digital Tipping!

Tip anywhere from 1 coin (ten cents) all the way up to 100 coins  (ten bucks!) during a live broadcast.

Tip publicly and top the leader board – or privately and only the broadcaster will know it was you!

Broadcasters, keep your eye on the tip jar to see your “Top 5 Tips” and “All Tips”!

Choose to use your tips to purchase Digital Tickets, tip other users or redeem them for cash.





You heard right and no we’re not just singing a Wreckx-N-Effect song! The ZOOM feature is here!

Now you can zoom in and out while broadcasting!

Zoom A Zoom Zoom!!

Some other great features comin’ your way in this build:

Navigate through the updated UI with ease and check out the new personalized profile page.

Inbox made easy – location is key and now you can access your messages and activity by tapping on the inbox in the top right corner.

Searching at your fingertips – the new condensed format allows you to explore hashtags, users and broadcasts all at once!

Go on, download the latest version and check it out!

Download Hang w/ for iOS or Android!


We’ve enhanced our paid broadcasting Digital Ticketing platform!

Now Digital Tickets have their very own HOME! Find all tickets with one simple step: tap on the “tickets” icon in the bottom tab bar – keep track of upcoming and purchased Digital Tickets and of course all of your own personal Digital Tickets you’ve created. This is also where you’ll be able to purchase more coins.

We couldn’t leave your Instagram fans, friends and family out! Share your Digital Ticket banner to INSTAGRAM – let them know about your upcoming Digital Ticket! Once you’ve created your DT, just tap “share” and you’ll see the “share to Instagram” feature!

We also wanted to make sure it’s super easy to find your Digital Ticket from OUTSIDE the app. How you ask? Every time you share your Digital Ticket, a special shortcut link will make it extremely easy for users to find AND purchase. Promoting has never been so simple.

You’ll also hear a special sound receive a special push message AND get an activity message when someone buys your ticket!

Download the latest version for iOS and Android here:

Have any questions? Just shoot us an email at

Where’d all the blue go?

If you’re a longtime Hang w/ user, you’ve probably noticed that over the last few weeks, we’ve been changing the status of many users from blue to white. And people are wondering why?

The answer is simple.

We built Hang w/ to show the world that we are all more alike than we are different. Hang w/ was built as a place where people from all walks of life and all backgrounds could spend time together in a truly authentic way. And it works. We’ve all seen how Hanging w/ someone helps you understand them. We believe that Hang w/ helps us all see more clearly that we are all just human beings.

As we’ve grown we’ve been “verifying” certain users along the way. And unfortunately, because of the power of the blue badge, we’ve ended up creating a two class system. We created a world in which hundreds were dominating a platform used by millions. Blue users, by the nature of that color badge, were standing out and making it hard for the regular users to truly get noticed.

Please understand, we love every single one of the blue users. We love the content they have been creating. We know them as people. We think they are great.

But we don’t want a system that favors the few over the many. Hang w/ was built for the masses. It got out of balance. And we need to take big steps to fix it.

So in the last few weeks, and in the weeks moving forward, we are switching a whole lot of users from blue to white. The Hang w/ team included. We will continue to hold out the blue badge for certain users in certain circumstances. And we will likely make adjustments both directions while we work to find the perfect balance.

We will also be introducing a new orange “Hotness” badge that anyone can earn by doing broadcasts that people love. We’ll put the power to determine who’s hot into your hands. Not ours.

We thank you for your continued support and we look forward to watching this incredible platform continue to grow.

Embed a Live Link

Now you can promote your own stuff, live!

Do you have a website? An online store? A favorite blog? A film to promote? A message to spread? An app? Or any other site you want people to see? Well now you can add a web link overlay to your live mobile broadcast! How awesome is that?

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 3.52.48 PM

Before going live, you now have the ability to showcase a link on your broadcasts that viewers can see. Just go to the “Tap here to embed a link” option right under your awesome hashtag. That way, your viewers can watch your broadcast and simultaneously take a look at this link! This means they can still hear your live broadcast and be scrolling through the attached website all without missing a beat.

So the next time you’re about to go live, don’t forget that your favorite website can go live with you! Have a website to promote? An album to sell? Anything else you’d like to link to? Then this is just the place for it.

To see how it’s done in action, check out our Tutorial Video!

Apply for Digital Ticket & Start Making Money for Your Broadcasts!

Start making money for your broadcasts! Introducing the Digital Ticket – a way for you to charge money for your live streams – which launched to the iTunes and Google Play AppStores earlier this morning.

Create a cooking show. Put on a concert in your garage. Lecture on your PHD topic. Teach people how to meditate. Juggle flaming knives while balancing on a stack of folding chairs (we’d pay to see that live!)

You set the price. You set the time. You make it happen. All you have to do is apply by following the steps below :

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 12.34.37 PM

Welcome to 4.0

Introducing an update so big, we’re giving it a new number! Hang w/ 4.0 – It’s four times the magic & four times the fun. What makes it so much better than anything you have seen before? The Digital Ticket.


Apply for Digital Ticket now and be the first to get the latest from Hang w/ 4.0

Creating a digital ticket is one of the latest and greatest ways that you can make money when broadcasting live. Create a cooking show. Put on a concert in your garage. Lecture on your PHD topic. Teach people how to meditate. Juggle flaming knives while balancing on a stack of folding chairs (we’d pay to see that live!)

When you create a digital ticket for a future broadcast, viewers can pay to see it using coins that they have purchased from within the app. You set the price, you set the time, you make it happen.

Buying a digital ticket is just as easy – just make sure that you grab your ticket before they run out as they are limited! You can see all the digital tickets that are for sale by tapping the “Home” tab within the app, and then selecting the new “Tickets” tab. There you can see all the tickets of our verified/featured users and your friends. Want to see what else is out there? Scroll to the bottom and tap “All Digital Tickets.”

Apply for Digital Ticket now and be the first to get the latest from Hang w/ 4.0

Check your digital ticket stats by tapping the “More” tab and scrolling down to “Monetization.” There you have your:

  • Coin Bank – buy coins and check balance.
  • Your Digital Tickets – create tickets, review digital tickets you have scheduled, view your archived digital tickets, and the tickets you have purchased.
  • Monetization Status – check to see if you have been approved to create digital tickets.

Live Link

Another, awesome 4.0 feature is the ability to have a link appear on your broadcasts. Do you have a website? An online store? A favorite blog? A film to promote? A message to spread? An App? Or any other site you want people to see? Just tap the ‘link’ icon on the pre-broadcast screen and type in any link you want.

Other cool features available –

  • Share to YouTube
  • Broadcast live on your GoPro
  • Stream live on Facebook and Twitter


Share to Facebook, Twitter, and now YOUTUBE!

It’s finally here! Over the past few months we have been rolling out new features that help you stay connected to your friends and followers across all of your social media platforms – from live streaming on Facebook and Twitter to downloading your broadcast straight to your phone – but we didn’t stop there. Now, upload your archived broadcast straight to your YouTube page with just the touch of a button!




We are also introducing one of our new favorite features… SKETCH! The Sketch filter allows you to make your broadcast look like it was taken straight from an artist’s sketchpad, so get creative! But hey; don’t forget our other filters! You can also change the filter while you broadcast to “Color Burst,” “Vintage,” “8-Bit,” “Blob,” and of course “Hang w/ Blue.”




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Hang w/ iOS

Hang w/ Android

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Apple Watch Integration

Enjoying the new bling on your wrist? We sure are here at Hang w/. That is why we have added Apple Watch integration. You will now get notifications straight to your Apple Watch whenever your favorite celebs or friends go live. You can also tell your watch to open a broadcast on your phone! Pretty cool, right?


Twitter Features

Sharing your live broadcasts has never been easier! We have added new features that allow you to create a Hang w/ account by logging in with Twitter. This will automatically connect your twitter account to your Hang w/ account. You can share your broadcast straight to your Twitter which can now be viewed directly their platform; so be sure to make your life easier by syncing your Twitter and Hang w/ accounts today.




Some of the other awesome updates include:

- Customizable Push Messages – You are now allowed to completely edit your Push Messages.

- Find out who’s into you! View your Activity Feed to see who’s liked or shared your broadcasts.

- Personalized home feeds – Never miss a broadcast from your friends even while you were away.

- #Hashtag Search is here! Search for broadcasts by simply entering a #hashtag.


So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the latest version of Hang w/ and test out the new features today and don’t forget to let us know what you think by writing us a review on the app store!


Hang w/ is just a tap away